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Dutch delight Doutzen Kroes keeps her body tight

07.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

In case you're wondering how a full-time wife, mother and underwear model for a big brand like Victoria's Secret maintains the kind of rock hard body we see in these pictures (taken during a trip to Ibiza), here she is in a past interview from The Telegraph, explaining how she does it:

'I stop drinking [alcohol] a month before the show and no sugar. I still eat carbs because to have just protein and vegetables for me, it doesn't work. But I eat one potato with some fish and greens - very basic and happy food.'

All this time it wasn't my looks holding me back from becoming a world-renowned fashion model, it was because a self-imposed, no alcohol clause is a deal breaker; at least that's what I'm gonna tell myself from now on. Whichever one of life's little pleasures Doutzen Kroes is denying herself, the point is: it's working wonders. The ass, the abs and that hair... Oh my! There must not be a runway in the near future. If you can take your eyes off her hypnotic backside for one moment, you'll notice an empty alcoholic beverage in her right hand. It's good to be off the clock; not just for the hard-bodied MILF, but for Internet onlookers everywhere.

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