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Duff is a 9021-NO

04.25.2008by: Cherry Liquor

As excited as I shouldn't be about a "Beverly Hills, 90210" remake (created by the people behind "Veronica Mars"), I have to admit that I was a 90210 fanatic back in the day. That group of teens (Aaron Spelling admits to having based the show on Canada's brilliant "Degrassi" series) started high school with me. They graduated the same year I did. And dammit, I wanted to be Brenda!!

Now I'm getting news that the sweet little Hilary Duff is supposed to be up for the character of "Annie Mills," one described by the producers as being the Brenda of the show. Um... can anyone else say Hell-To-The-No!? Duff is supposed to be remembered on television for one thing and one thing only: being the only Disney teen whose mother stood up to the tyrannical House of Mouse and demanded more money if her daughter was going to keep playing one of their insipid little teen characters.

My only relief is that neither the WB... uh, I mean CW, whatever... nor Duff's camp have confirmed the casting. Duff is set to co-star with John Cusack in 2008's WAR INC. She's already gotten some flare-up over that scorpion in the pants clip that's been circulating. That's enough. She doesn't need to be the new Brenda too. I'm going to draw frowny faces on all of my notebooks for the rest of the day, if you'll excuse me.

Extra Tidbit: Duff performed at President George Bush's youth inaugural concert in 2005. I suppose that alone makes her a fraction of Brenda's evilness.
Source: Eonline
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