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Drinking deeply from Olivia Munn's wine colored lips sounds like a party

12.06.2016by: Droz

They're doing the requisite screening events for the upcoming OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY. It may be prejudice on my part, but any movie that puts so little thought into aspects as vital as what it's called, immediately raises an eyebrow with me. I enjoy many of the folks in this, so I really do hope it doesn't suck. However it goes down, I know there's one part of it that will at least be nice to look at. That part is, of course, Olivia Munn, who was in attendance at this screening event rocking the dark lips with the see thru boob action. You can say a lot about Olivia, both pro and con, but one thing you have to acknowledge is how aware she is of what people want to see. She knows it's going to be a let down to Munn fans if she doesn't show up at the screening with some kind of sexy happening. That's why she highlights the titties. Then later, when doing a little walkabout in NYC, she brings more sexy via the thigh high boots and the hot little dress with even further highlights the thighs, despite the fact that it's cold and rainy there now. Hey, she's just thinking of you and me when she does stuff like this. I, for one, appreciate her thoughtfulness.

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