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Drank Some Booty

06.30.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I am so psyched to go see TROPIC THUNDER when it comes out on August 15th. I still don't think I'm all that interested in downing some Booty Sweat, the energy drink that is a bizarre tie-in to the movie.

I do remember that years ago, about 6 months prior to Stiller's THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY getting released, the movie theater that we frequented was handing out promotional samples of "hair gel" in these trial packets. No one was taking them, so I scooped up the remaining dozen that were in the little basket at the ticket taker's booth, with his approval.

Afterwards, of course, I hocked them on eBay for just over $10 a piece. Sure, I could have kept some, but women can convince guys to share their "gel" with them at any time. No need in saving the novelty.

Source: Yahoo News


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