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Dove Cameron's adorable sex kitten thing is working well for her

02.16.2017by: Droz

I'll confess to being almost completely clueless about what Dove Cameron does to be a famous hottie. Normally that might make me seem inadequate for my job, but in this case I think it's appropriate, considering she is the star of various Disney shows for kids. I can't imagine anything more weird and inappropriate than a grown man with no kids being familiar with the goings on in any Disney show. It's just I remain uninformed about such things. Dove herself, on the other hand, is totally in my wheelhouse. Girl has begun grow on me (or should I say make parts of me grow) with her little cleavage heavy sex kitten ways. She's got an old school pinup quality about her I appreciate very much. Someone needs to get her in a french maid outfit and a frilly bikini for a throwback photo shoot in the old school pinup style. That would help make my year.

Source: Superior Pics


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