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Dove Cameron's lips look as tasty as candy

05.03.2017by: Droz

Those of you following the career (or just the pics we post) of actress Dove Cameron are probably like me in having a growing fascination with many of her qualities. She does have a lot going for her visually and I wouldn't even attempt to argue with anyone claiming those things farther south on Dove are the best. That said, I do have to put forth my believe that Dove's amazing lips might be her best feature. Look at those things. There are women with features that make my mind run rampant with scenarios. For instance, Christina Hendricks' boobs always put thoughts of blissful motor boating into my head. Jessica Alba's ass brings to mind all the sordid things one might engage in with her perfect mound of flesh. Dove most definitely puts me in mind of how one might put lips like those to good use. I wont get into too much detail on that, but I know my fellow pervs are right there with me on the matter.

Dove Cameron Instagram LipsDove Cameron Instagram Lips

Source: Modeliste


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