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Dove Cameron does Marilyn Monroe justice in Galore magazine

02.24.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I want to pat myself on the back for calling it when it comes to Dove Cameron being the next up-and-coming breakout hottie. Dove was just beginning to heat up in 2016 and has put the pedal to the cheesecake pinup metal for 2017, knocking out hot look after hot look lately and now turning in one of the only credible photoshoots honoring Marilyn Monroe's classic look. I can do without the Lohans of the world taking that sex symbol icon and trying to hang their hat on the look (although Monroe was a bit of a druggie mess too, so it makes sense to a degree). It feels too forced, too aggressive a grab for attention. Dove possesses that pouty lipped sweetness that is lacking from Lohan and a sexiness that is more suggestive than overt. What we end up with is a gorgeous girl in a fun shoot looking beguiling. I'm all for her continuing down this avenue.
Source: Huffington Post


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