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Doutzen Kroes & Lara Stone show each other some Dutch love

03.09.2017by: No Cool Handle

Dutch love! It sounds like a turn of phrase used to describe an out of the ordinary sexual act, like the Dutch rudder or double Dutch rudder. Nevertheless, it's the expression Dutch Vogue used to describe a 5th anniversary shoot depicting two naked, groping, supermodels. (I would've gone with something much less eloquent, such as, Holy Shit!) The models in questions are Netherlands natives Lara Stone and Doutzen Kroes, pressing their bare bodies up against each other in a moment of manufactured passion. Why they had to go and slap a post-effect orange filter over this tender moment is beyond me – maybe the official color of the Netherlands is tangerine, keeping in line with the whole "Dutch pride" theme of this shoot – but nothing takes you out of a tantalizing moment like the absence of proper flesh tones. However, if you can look at these pictures through neutral-colored lenses, there's enough sexy stuff going on to warrant a look.

Source: Dutch Vogue


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