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Doutzen Kroes & her buff booty enjoy another day of Miami sunshine

01.05.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I think we've all figured out what Victoria's Secret is after checking out their models clocking off-duty bikini time and that dual-fold secret is padding and Photoshop. Doutzen Kroes has a few other secrets, probably biggest of which is how a mother of two gets abs that look that sick. Girl is ripped AF and while the workouts & breastfeeding might have stolen her chest, that ass is still 100% intact and loving the warm weather in Miami. Doutzen has been one of the very visible celebs to promote the normalization of breastfeeding, including posting pictures of herself pumping breast milk to her Instagram, proving that they're not just for making a career with, but also have a functional purpose. Now I just gotta know - what else can that ass do? Because Vicky certainly doesn't put that on display as often when Kroes is on duty. Panting for panties?
Source: Daily Mail


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