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Doutzen Kroes cracks a vertical smile for the camera

01.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

Victoria's Secret's model Doutzen Kroes was spotted on my Miami Beach this past week, showing off her tasty snack pack. All the stuff you love is included in that fleshy lunchable, except for the pudding. Doutzen has obviously remained steadfast in her commitment to keeping that bikini body as tight as can be, as some intrusive paparazzi's excellent pictures show. This bloodsucking leach – I say that with nothing but love and respect for their profession – captured every angle you could possibly hope for, nary an inch of her anatomy excluded from the frame. We even get the Jessica Alba special: the subject is on all fours with her ass in the air, the crevice angled towards the lens. I recommend anyone enthusiastic about this photo set follow the link; there's around 80 photos of this Dutch dame and her delectable hind parts. Start clicking and watch the time fly.

Source: NS4W


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