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Double the sexy fun with Claudia Romani & Jessica Edstrom

03.06.2017by: No Cool Handle

I hope this current trend of two hotties – one blonde, one brunette – sharing a frame while wearing nothing but some skimpy shit isn't short-lived. Last week closed out with an excellent dual shoot featuring Bryana Holly & Carmella Rose; today we caught Julianna Hough & Nina Dobrev in a moment of soaked bikini candor; and now, but a few moments later, Claudia Romani & Jessica Edstrom throw their asses into the ring. The Swedish-Italian duo took to the beaches of Miami fully bent on searing the eyes out of your head, with visions of both their double bubbles aimed squarely at the lens. You like ass crack? You like a voluptuous set of tits? Boy oh boy, have these two got you covered. There's not one timid inhibition between the two of them; their desire to show off their anatomical parts in every naughty angle imaginable, equally matched. It's impossible not to enjoy this little collection of boobs and butts.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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