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Don't you wish Katy Perry was at your office Christmas party

12.08.2016by: Droz

There's no shortage of gossip and rumor concerning Katy Perry and the status of her relationship with The Pirate Legolas. I'm not gonna add to the pile of nonsense there with any more speculation. It has no bearing on my life if they stay together or split. Nor anyone else's. One thing I do notice is how absent the other is from red carpet events like these. I don't know what that means, if anything, but I hope it continues. Katy is best left to her own red carpet devices, absent some Brit pretty boy mucking up things with horrible reminders of him and his junk hovering malevolently over Katy's head. Damn him for ruining what should have been a glorious Katy bikini moment. Let's just hope Orlando understands that in the future, he would do well to leave Katy alone when she's wear something tight on her curvy figure for our benefit. He can get with her whenever he wants, so he can afford to spare her for the few minutes it takes to toss the rest of us a bone or two.

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