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Donna D'Errico broke out her buoys for the Baywatch premiere in Miami

05.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
When last we visited Donna D'Errico, she was flaunting her 49-year old, newly retooled bikini body for Baywatch inspired photoshoot. And dammit if she didn't look amazing in it. Then again, Donna is also being open about the fact that she had 4 plastic surgeries toward the start of the year in preparation for the new BAYWATCH movie and the promotional events that she would have to attend as a part of the franchise's history. I like that she's being honest that she wanted to update her breast implants as well as get some butt adjusting and tummy tuck/lipo done to her middle-aged mom figure. I'm just speculating on how supposedly down-trodden it was before she went under the knife. Donna still looks as if she's fit and beautiful enough to get cast in the new batch of lifeguards, even if she did have some work done. Then again, I was always partial to the blondes on that show.
Source: Got Celeb


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