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Doe-eyed brunette Laura Marano has great Composure

12.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Disney knows what it's doing when it picks its stars. Laura Marano, the younger sister of actress Vanessa Marano, who is well known for her ongoing presence over at ABC Family, really lights up when she's photographed, especially when they choose to focus on her huge brown eyes and gorgeous complexion. This shoot is from the December issue of Composure magazine, something that Marano has in spades. I've seen her hosting various programming and she's an exceptional presenter with a fun attitude and a clear voice that never comes off grating or overly peppy like some of these Disney stars can. It's also nice to see a brunette make it big over at the House of Mouse, where they tend to favor those with lighter coloring and more generic aesthetics. Marano has that groovy vibe that some of my favorites from the '80's did (a little bit of Laura San Giacomo, a little Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, a little Linda Fiorentino), although I doubt when she's cutting her paychecks from Disney we'll be seeing anything as revealing as those ladies were known for. Still, I love that she's unique in a sea of sameness.
Source: CelebMafia


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