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Doctor McKinney will be with you shortly

07.27.2016by: Droz

Some of the things happening with this FLATLINERS remake are getting a little strange. Strangest of all is the fact that they're remaking this movie at all. It was, from the beginning really, a forgettable pit stop on the otherwise rocketing career paths of a handful of burgeoning stars of the 90s and established names from the 80s. Perhaps that well of laziness Hollywood just can't stop drinking from is starting to run dry. Let's hope so. For now, this is happening and it's happening in a really weird way. I get some of the people they've cast in this. However, try to wrap your head around Ellen Page getting equal billing alongside Charlotte McKinney in a movie where they both play doctors. You couldn't find two more opposite females if you tried. This could be deliberate. As I recall in the original FLATLINERS, it was Oliver Platt's somewhat nerdy and smugly cerebral character constantly on the case of William Baldwin's good-loooking, roving sex fiend character. Perhaps they're looking to recreate this scenario with Ellen and Charlotte. I could get into Charlotte as an unquenchable nympho. Might finally get her out of her scrubs.

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