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Do you think Lauren Cohan's boy cut hurts her hotness?

02.10.2016by: Droz

One of the more frustrating and disappointing things I deal with when it comes to the hotties, is the brutal clear cutting of a once beautiful head of hair for the purposes of crafting the dreaded boy cut. This plague of a hair style has literally cut a swath of destruction across the scalps of many a fine beauty throughout the years, usually with detrimental effects to the appearance of the deluded soul who opts for one. You know they're a detrimental thing because they almost always go away. Sure, the initial thinking on these is that they'll provide a nice change. But then eventually the truth sets in - they now look like a f*cking paperboy from the 50s. That's when the hair starts to grow out again, never fast enough. Lauren Cohan is in the midst of a similar situation right now. Even scarier is that she seems to be content with her new look. This makes me worried she might stick with her most misguided of hair styles. Although to be fair, Lauren still looks beautiful. Many can't pull this hair off, but she clearly can. Still, I'm all about the shoulder length or better. What say you? Long or short for Lauren?

Source: NSFW


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