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Do you remember Brenda Song? Her wearing an oversized tank top may jog your memory

08.18.2015by: No Cool Handle

Just in case it doesn't - she's the tech groupie that fellates Andrew Garfield in a dingy bathroom stall during The Social Network. Other than that; yeah, I don't remember much involving her either. Do you ever question whether you were born too early, too late or right on time? I do - however, today I'm of the mind there's no better time to be alive. These days super sexy girls like her have no problem sacrificing a conservative image for comfort. How else could you explain Brenda Song stepping out of door in nothing but a - three sizes too big- tank top? Only bummer is she did remember to wear a bra; that's a damn shame seeing that would've been some serious side boob. But I digress. Add to this - because of the times we live in - there was almost 0% chance she would get away un-photographed, and the enthusiasm for my timely consciousness multiplies by a factor of 10. The only time that could possibly be better is in not too distant future, when lovely ladies decide wearing nothing is the most comfortable.

Here's a link to the aforementioned scene: Bathroom Fellatio

Source: hawtcelebs


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