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The breast-tastic Diora Baird is back... modeling necklaces?

07.31.2012by: Salacious Crumb

For a long time, I've been yearning for this chick and her stupendous moon-balloons to come back into orbit. Funny girl Diora Baird is finally back, and while she's not covered in frosting, at least we know she's still wandering the galaxy. Apparently she's the head promotor of a new line of necklaces from Leenabell. I'm more for the order of covering much less of Diora's bountiful bosoms, but I would volunteer to watch her display necklaces, preferably without the top. She made an impression in our pants in ACCEPTED, as well as TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING, WEDDING CRASHERS, and Showtime's "Shameless". She was also the only good thing to come out of the straight-to-dvd shitflick STAN HELSING. Sadly, a large chunk of her acting credits are on TV or DVD. I know she doesn't carry a typical Hollywood actress look, but couldn't we use more of that? Why would you keep her boobs on the small screen anyway, when they're practically the size of the friggin' San Onofre nuclear power plant?


I may be exaggerating (a little), but let's not forget this girl was named JoBlo's Sexy Six's #1 Most Motorboatable Babe. That's not to disclaim her great sense of humor, and her tendency to be the most gorgeous girl in the room in most of her roles. She was supposed to get more attention this year with her role in TRANSIT, which keeps getting it's release pushed back. She also has parts in the yet unreleased THUNDERBALLS and LAST CALL, and some other projects are in the pipeline, but for f**k sakes, let's put this voluptuous vixen back on the map already!


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