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Dina Meyer is a Throwback Thursday babe who's never stopped being hot

08.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor
It seems like a million years since STARSHIP TROOPERS dropped its bizarre mix of science fiction, slapstick, wild action and alien craziness on the world but it was only back in 1997, not even a full 20 years ago that we got to check out the young hot cast who would go on to... well, Neil Patrick Harris went on to some amazing stuff and he was the member I would have voted least likely to be the biggest break out from the movie. My favorite was always the tough-girl military scrub, Dizzy Flores, played with gorgeous aplomb by Dina Meyer, one of those actresses all over the place in the 1990's. It bums me out a bit that she never became a bigger, more A-list actress, since she is fit, super fine and had some good acting chops. It took me finding a couple of pictures released by photographer Cathryn Farnsworth to make me dig through what Dina's been up to lately. I'd known that she guested on "Castle" as a dominatrix and that she'd stepped in to guest in a few episodes of the updated "90210" (who could forget her seducing Jason Priestly in the original?) but her turn as a crazy cougar in the recent Lifetime movie, LETHAL SEDUCTION, got Meyer back into her skivvies and fighting for a teen boy (whose mother is played by Amanda Ditmer, whom I still can't process being old enough to be cast as the mother of a teenager). I wish I could have been around for The Hollywood Show back in April of this year, when Dina reunited with her castmates from STARSHIP TROOPERS, Casper Van Dien and Patrick Muldoon, neither of whom have aged as beautifully as Dina. 
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