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See Alexandra Daddario in the single greatest 20 seconds of TV ever made! **NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO!**

01.20.2014by: Droz

I'm usually not one for hyperbole. The idea of something being "the best thing ever" or "perfect in every way" is a really subjective way to look at things. There's always someone who's going to disagree with you on whatever you're going nuts about. That being said, Alexandra Daddario's nude scene last night on HBO's True Detective was perfect in every way and the best thing ever. EVER! I don't think I've been so enraptured by something happening on a TV show in a long time. I knew ahead of time that Alexandra's body was pretty good. We've seen enough of her to know that. But I had no idea just how good it is until she went fully nude. It's just...I can't...there are no words. You just have to see it for yourself.

Check out the scene over here. Just make sure the boss and/or the kiddies are out of the room, 'cause this thing is most definitely NSFW.

Extra Tidbit: Goddamn you, Woody Harrelson and your winning lottery ticket in life.
Source: HBO


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