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Dianna Agron looks stunning as she does double premiere duty at Tribeca

04.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Even standing next to the Hollywood's favorite weirdo, Paz de la Huerta, Dianna Agron looked like a million bucks for the premiere of her movie BARE. Reports are indicating that we're finally going to see some more skin from Agron, who supposedly strips and does a poll dance in the movie. She might have wanted to talk to Katrina Bowden, de la Huerta's co-star from NURSE 3D, on how she could have managed to remain dressed while in a movie with the famously uninhibited star. Her loss, our gain. Agron was also at the famous Tribeca Film Festival to debut her other upcoming movie, TUMBLEDOWN, a rom-com directed by Sean Mewshaw and co-starring Rebecca Hall and Sofia Vergara's manly man, Joe Manganiello. I think I'm liking the more glam red look she had for TUMBLEDOWN, although the kissy-face pictures of her with Paz are a delight as well.
Source: Daily Mail


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