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Dianna Agron is looking very fashionable. And by fashionable, I mean hot.

02.17.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I remember going to middle school and dressing like shit each and every day. I was a fat kid, so I wore XXL t shirts and really baggy pants in an attempt for no one to notice my extreme obesity. The only day that I would wear nice fitting shit would be the day we had our dances. I would wear my best suit and bust a move like absolutely nobody's business. Now that I'm an adult, I like to think I dress pretty nicely, I just don't have any sort of event to do that. I'm thinking I might put all my saved up change into an account and wait ten years before going to New York and RSVPing my way into fashion shows. That way, I can chill in the audience with the likes of Dianna Agron. I'll be all dressed up next to her being all dressed up like she is here. She attended the Carolina Herrera Fashion Show looking…so damn cute with her makeup and her hair all up. Sigh. She's so very pretty. Anyway, I guess I should start saving up that change I was telling you all about. These fancy suits don't buy themselves. 

Source: Celebmafia


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