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Diane Kruger is red hot in a lacy dress at Infiltrator premiere

07.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I have to wonder how authentic the props were on the set of THE INFILTRATOR, what with the slightly zonked out look that Diane Kruger had on her face for the Los Angeles premiere of the movie. To be fair, there's always been a heavily lidded thing that Kruger does at these things, giving me the impression that she's nice an toasted to help get through the chaos and paparazzi camera flashes, as I know I certainly would be if we switched places. More concerning to me than that stoned look of hers is the weight loss, with her already pointed features looking extra thin as of late.

Kruger talked with People Magazine about how she's probably not going to be attending too many movie premieres in the future. "What studios are producing is not really all that interesting to me anymore," she said, adding that she knows where she'll be instead. "I feel like television has taken over so much that there's a whole new platform for actors and talent to grow." Considering that she worked on this movie with Bryan Cranston, star of "Breaking Bad," the most widely accepted best shows to ever hit the extended cable channels, you might be clued into where she's getting this from.

Source: People


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