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Devon Windsor might be Victoria's best kept secret

03.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

With so many beautiful Victoria's Secret models to choose from, it's inevitable some Angel's are stuck playing second fiddle. Devon Windsor is one of those sexy blondes who tends to fly under the radar; not mine. I'm usually on the prowl for images depicting her awesome bikini body. She has a tight little ass... much like Jessica Alba's. Not big, but there's enough pop to keep an ass man's attention. No, it's not the gargantuan sized glutes that many feel is the bar by which every ass should be measured; I say f#*k that. Her booty looks downright scrumptious through my scrutinizing eyes. Everything does for that matter. That's why I posted them; that's why you clicked them. What do you think about the neglect being perpetuated? Tired of Candice Swanepoel sucking up all the oxygen and want to see Ms. Windsor's tight bod touting more lacy unmentionables? Yeah... me too.

Source: Got Celeb


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