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Devin Brugman brings her big, blue boobs to the beach again

07.17.2015by: Droz

I still don't understand what the hell this Devin Brugman person is all about. She's some kind of fashion blogger, a thing that's so entirely outside my wheelhouse it's not even funny. However, the area where we continue to have a meaningful dialogue is in her propensity to spend life on a beach in a bikini. Which is a good thing, as she's got a body that belongs nowhere but in that state and in that place. She can be found in sunny places doing this sort of thing all year long, but it's during the summer months we're getting here in the Northern Hemisphere that she's an especially great thing. It's at this time of year I find myself way more in the mood for huge tits so big they're spilling out the bottom of the bikini tops barely containing them. Okay, yeah, I like such things the rest of the year too. Huge boobs never lose their fascination. Yet it's in the bright summer, when they're all wet and golden in the bright sun, that such titties reach their fullest effect. As you can see in the gallery below.

Source: Superior Pics


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