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Devin Brugman and her huge rack come out to play

02.16.2015by: Droz

When I'm putting together the Bikini Roundup articles we do during the late spring and summer months, I always find myself anticipating something from professional bikini-wearer and big titty owner Devin Brugman. I never have to wait long either. Even as the rest of the Eastern seaboard conspires to make the events in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW a reality, Devin somehow manages to find the one place where she can still rock a bikini in the fashion she has become accustomed. Through some strange force of nature, Devin seems to find herself able to cross the globe in luxurious fashion, showing off her huge double D's in tiny bikinis the world over. Actually, it's not that strange at all. Devin's rack has racked up an impressive Instagram following, which I'm sure affords her all kinds of attention from people who like the idea of big titty babes showing off what they got on their local beaches or pools or whatever. Devin is more than happy to accommodate them. I can't blame her for that. She's got something people want. No point in holding it back. Anyway, should the whole having huge boobies thing not work out, she can always fall back on her handiness with a jackhammer.

Source: Tumblr


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