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Despite Mischa Barton's ups and downs, she can still kill it in a bikini

03.02.2017by: Droz

Recent years have not been particularly good for Mischa Barton. The last few months in particular seem to have been especially bad for her. Mischa was just recently overheard in hysterics, making suicidal threats and generally losing it in various unfortunate ways, to the point where her neighbors felt they had to call the cops just to keep her from offing herself. This isn't an unheard of thing for celebs who's star doesn't shine quite as bright as it used to. Although by the looks of her IMDB page, she's still getting some kind of work. So maybe there's some other stuff causing Mischa trouble. Whatever the story, it's clear she can at least still get herself into a bikini with aplomb when it comes to doing a 138 Water spread. Girl might not have it all together upstairs right now, but the rest of her seems fairly well adjusted to me.

Source: 138 Water


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