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Demi Lovato's jaw-dropping thickness made a tour stop in California

08.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Whenever another shot of Demi Lovato's thick but taut-er than hell ass comes out, I instantly flash to the scene of Uma Thurman in the restroom at Jack Rabbit Slim's in PULP FICTION. "I said goddamn! GODDAMN!" Yep, I might never want to listen to Lovato's music, even when it's spinning for free on the radio and especially not if I had to paid for a ticket to her current concert tour, but that f@cking ass is Out. Standing. Now that she's single (it's still hard to process that she spent nearly 6 years with Fez, considering that she's only going to be 24 years old in a few days, another reason that cradle robbing dude creeps me the hell out), it'll be interesting to see what kind of romantic shenanigans she can get into. As those with fan fiction habits might say, I "ship" her with Taylor Lautner. Since he's the young beefcake replacing her bestie, Nick Jonas, on "Scream Queens" this year, I'm sure they'll bump into each other. I imagine they'd be the butt/abs combo to beat in the under 30s.
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