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Demi Lovato takes a fall but looks hot while doing it

Oh, the humanity! We’ve got a few close-up views here of hottie pop star Demi Lovato taking a dive as she biffs hard on the stage. Don’t let the uncomfortable sight and pain get in your way – Demi recovers quickly and continues on with the show. The show, I might add, seemed to consist of little more than Demi thrashing around while getting hosed down. I bet that mic isn’t even connected to anything.

102.7 KIIS FM’s “Cool For the Summer Pool Party” sounds like something an out-of-touch parent would come up with, and I guess even Demi’s gotta work on the long weekend, pushing her body and voice (though probably just body) on whatever radio station has enough of a budget to land her. This doesn’t look like my type of scene at all, but if Demi put down that mic and just started sort of a wet stripper routine… Well, then we just might have something.

Source: US Magazine


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