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Demi Lovato shows off her sexy thighs in tight workout gear

03.07.2017by: Droz

I can understand Demi Lovato's plight here after emerging from some place I am assuming is her gym. I too find myself enveloped in darkness for hours and hours. Only for me it's less working out and more staring into screens for a living. Spending hours in that environment and then emerging into the light of day gives you a total understanding of what every movie vampire endures when the hero breaks the blacked out windows at the end of the movie and bathes them in shafts of deadly sunlight. I gotta put on the welding goggles just to go get the mail or take out the trash. I could use an eye-opener like Demi in some hot workout gear that wraps around her thick thighs and ass in perfect ways. Seems as though she's taken some steps to avoid the characteristic leggings camel toe. Funny, I would have thought Demi would be all about the showing off the detailed views of her crotch. She is, after all, known for doing this at all her shows.

Source: Superior Pics


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