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Demi Lovato shows off her confident side for a new Yu Tsai photoshoot

09.08.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She might have been spending her Labor Day Weekend in Paris, but Demi Lovato and her team knew exactly when to drop the latest set of pics of the Latina diva. This photoshoot, done with photographer Yu Tsai, is for Demi's newest album, "Confident." It's been three years since the singer debuted her self-titled album and now that she's more mature, having handled a lot of the negativity the press and haters were showing her online and off, it's apparently time for her to angle toward a more self-assured future. Of course she's planning on singing about sex on the new album. "Being able to sing about things that I've always wanted to sing about, but just always was worried about being the role model," Demi explains, "...but now if I want to sing about sex or this or that, I'm going to sing about it." The new album will be released on October 16th.
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