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Demi Lovato rocks some festive curves at the Jingle Ball

12.02.2015by: Droz

Despite her membership in that rather annoyingly loud-speaking group of celebs patting themselves on the back for being rational human beings who don't starve themselves to size zeros, I've still found a lot to like about how Demi Lovato has handled herself this year. I'm sure there are a number of assholes out there who might still scoff at the idea of a woman with some thickness to her still being hot. No doubt all that media posturing women like Demi partake in is to counter said assholes position on the matter. Me, I've been sold on her position there since before puberty. Nothing wrong with a woman like Demi. Just more to touch and feel and play with for a guy who appreciates what they have to offer. Just look at her at this year's KISS FM Jingle Ball. Ain't nothing but good things happening there. Anyone who thinks differently should feel free to return to whatever bag of bones you fancy the most. You can have them.

Source: Superior Pics


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