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Demi Lovato rises her charitable thickness up on Florida concert stage

07.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Thankfully I missed a lot of that wave of Disney stars that grew up in the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers/Camp Rock era. I'm not sad that I missed it, considering that every other tabloid story revolved around those wacky millionaire kids getting into rich, spoiled kid problems. What I am glad to see is that a number of them have moved on past those not-so-auspicious beginnings, including the concert that Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas performed in Orlando as a tribute to those who died in the mass gun shooting at Pulse nightclub during Pride week. The singers invited the staff from the club to attend with VIP privileges and put on quite the show, including the awesome image of Demi flaunting that tight Latina bum of hers. Baby Jonas has also risen in my book, having been quite funny when he was on "Scream Queens," although I'm just as disinterested in his music career as I am in Lovato's. They look good, they do good but I've heard snippets and I can't say they particularly sound good (to me).
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