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Demi Lovato makes sure her fine ass is okay while tanning in Miami

06.30.2016by: Droz

Demi Lovato just set out on her new Future Now Tour yesterday. So what better way to kick that off than to head to a pool in Miami and work on her tan? Sure, why not? Who the hell wants to deal with a bunch of screaming 13-year-olds in an amphitheater anyway? Much better to lay out by the pool and check on the progress of your tan lines. So nice of Demi to give us a peek at how those lines are progressing. I must say, they're coming in quite beautifully. Though everything happening on Demi's body is beautiful by nature. I'm so glad she stopped barfing up her Big Macs and embraced the beauty of curvaceous bodies. She never needs to say another word against eating disorders ever again. All she need do is keep wearing those bikinis and strutting that bod around. Eventually everyone will get the message. Demi is perfect just the way she is.

Source: NSFW


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