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Demi Lovato made a simple black dress stunning at Stella McCartney fashion show

01.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Demi Lovato is kicking her 2016 off right by keeping things simple. The fit Latina attended the Stella McCartney Fall 2016 preview wearing a simple but sexy little black dress capped off with a pair of star earrings, speaking for the elegant way the singer has been carrying herself lately. Lovato will be seen in next month's ZOOLANDER 2, as a testament to how successfully she's been pulling off her fashion forward looks, something that might have contributed to her heavy use of Blue Steel here in these pictures from the fashion event. Things are getting to a point for Lovato where she might just usurp other pop hotties; Demi is currently recording her role as Smurfette for the animated film GET SMURFY, taking over the role that Katy Perry voiced for the mixed live-action/animated movies of the past few years.
Source: Pop Sugar


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