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Demi Lovato looked muy caliente during her performance in Mexico

10.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

De        mi Lovato certainly has come a long way since her days on the Disney Channel – to think, she was 16 back in 2008. Since that age, she's been putting out chart-topping albums one after another. Now, her sexuality is in full bloom and she uses every single one of her live performances to remind us of just how much she's grown. Her recent performance in Mexico was yet another opportunity to showcase those thick thighs and curvaceous waistline; only this time adding a see-through, mesh top into the mix. Sadly, at the age of 24, her mind is still sharp and she didn't forget to cover those sought after titties. It wasn't until recently she unveiled her new, blonde look and I must say: although I usually prefer the darkness, at this moment, I'm drawn towards the light – as I'm draw too many things Demi.

Source: NS4W


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