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Demi Lovato knows how to hold the attention of her audience

02.08.2017by: Droz

I don't go to any of the concerts put on by the various popular pop stars right now, so I can't honestly comment on what the whole experience looks like. Yet from what I do see in all kinds of image sets and videos, it seems to me like the modern pop star show has become something tantamount to a slightly more tame stripper show. If that's over the top, feel free to correct me. But looking at Demi Lovato doing her thing in Dubai, the only thing missing from your average titty bar experience is less of her being covered. The rest seems pretty much lifted directly from what you might see when Sinnamon or Sexual Chocolate take the stage surrounded by crowds of dudes making it rain. I'm not complaining. I just wish Demi would go all in with her titty bar tributes. That would definitely hold my attention.

Source: Superior Pics


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