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Demi Lovato & Kate Hudson are a match made in overpriced leggings heaven

05.12.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Demi Lovato is known for getting women to love their thicker thighs by constantly showing off her own on social media. Kate Hudson is known for using her rom-com witchery to entice women to buy workout gear that makes their butts look good without actually going into a gym. Every average woman I know buys their stuff on the cheap, works up a huge sweat and doesn't give 2 f*cks about looking cute while doing so. But for the rest of the XXers out there in the world striving to be the next Kardoucheian, this kind of shit matters. Having a "cute" print on your Fabletics leggings will somehow motivate you to do more squats. Or something. It makes sense for Lovato to team up with Hudson on this venture and make even more money for the two of them and I doubt fault either for doing so. I do think it's ridiculous that in order to even browse the website for this junk they want you to sign up your information so they can hound you into having a subscription with them (that's right, you can't just buy the shit they're selling - you have to commit to it).

I also look at these pictures of the two of them cuddling up at the launch party and have some very dirty, very sweaty images pop up in my head. Hudson has always struck me as the kinda gal who wouldn't be opposed to some sapphic shenanigans and Lovato? Well, she looks as if she's always one blunt away from some very impulsive decisions. It's still sobriety so long as it's not the hard stuff, Demi. Sorta like sexuality. Not that I'm encouraging anything. (Yes I am.)

Source: CelebMafia


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