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Demi Lovato airs out her cleavage while talking about her Open Mind

03.24.2017by: Cherry Liquor
She might not be doing the coke thing anymore but man does Demi Lovato have the glassy-eyed stare of a habitual stoner at this Open Minds Gala, where she received an award for her advocacy for mental health awareness. The singer has admitted to taking time off to recoup from the stress being a celebrity can bring, including her struggles with eating disorders and cocaine addiction. Since I know that weird mellowness that being on the prescription drug Xanax can have, I'm guessing Demi was riding more of a doctor prescribed high (although marijuana is legal in California, where she was at, so eh...). At least there were a few smiles to be had from her as she navigated the red carpet. It's been getting depressing how much she's been frowning and grimacing at events lately. Surely she's not still getting over the breakup with Fez. As many women as he's bagged (and claimed to have bagged), the guy still doesn't look like the Cracker Jack prize I'd want from my box.


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