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Deborah Ann Woll's new magazine spread earns her 7 years bad luck

05.06.2016by: Droz

Those of you prone to superstition will probably find much of what's going on in Deborah Ann Woll's new spread a bit disturbing. I'm not prone to superstition, so I can simply admire the wonderful qualities of the Daredevil star doing her thing. Although I'm a little concerned for her fingers in a few of these. Glass shards in the skin are bitch. I do really like how they brought back a little of Deb's red hair in these pics. I suppose she qualifies as a strawberry blonde, which is that weird halfway point between redhead and blonde when the sunlight or lack thereof will cause all kinds of interesting shades of red and blonde to erupt from a head of hair. It's a fascinating thing when it works and kinda strange when it doesn't. Hair issues aside, it wouldn't hurt the showrunners at Daredevil to take a few ques from this spread for season 3. They seem to want Deborah far too plain for my tastes. Give her a little glamour once in a while. Have Murdock or whoever take Deborah's Karen Page on a glitzy date which doesn't involve her getting kidnapped and/or throwing herself into some dangerous situation. Throw cute/hot Deb a bone.

Source: Rogue


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