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Deborah Ann Woll looked good enough to fight over at the Civil War premiere

04.13.2016by: Droz

Deborah Ann Woll was there for the premiere Daredevil's bigger Marvel brother CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, looking all hot in her burgundy dress. Deb always makes a nice showing, though I kinda wish she'd go back to the red hair during the show's downtime. I'm just a nitpicking there. Speaking of Daredevil, I just finished watching season 2 the other day. They really pack a lot into this show. You got story lines beginning, ending, intersecting and intertwining all over the place on that thing. Overall I was pleased with what I saw. Lots of great action scenes - that stairway one in particular. You gotta hand it to their stunt choreographer. That dude should get some kind of award. As for Deborah's Karen Page character, well, I gotta be honest - she pisses me off. She's such a damn do-gooder, to the point where she should, in any realistic world, wind up with a bullet in her brain for her trouble. Yet she somehow always gets out of it, often by forcing Daredevil to risk his life for her. I know she's like the Jiminy Cricket for this show, but I really wish she'd get just a little bit cynical, for everyone's sake. Deborah, you can stay just the way you are.

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