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Deborah Ann Woll is the only hottie I want to see sparkle in sunlight

04.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Nylon magazine is stingy. That's right. While the magazine regularly gets some really great photoshoots out of actresses who manage to be beautiful and sexy without sacrificing their personal sense of decorum or taste, they rarely release more than a handful of those pictures when the issue they're featured in is released. And they're not usually the highest resolution images either. I guarantee you that if we had some ultra HQs of Deborah Ann Woll from Nylon's May 2015 issue, we'd be able to see the embedded sparkle that comes off of her perfect pale skin. I'll settle for what I'm being given here, I'm just grousing that I can't have the literal cake to eat. Plus, while I am aware of the fact that DAW is a natural blonde and that the casting decision to feature her as a redhead on "True Blood" wasn't going to be a lifetime of gingerness (someone shoulda gotten Christina Hendricks on the phone with her), I do miss the bright red. I may change my mind after bingeing on "Daredevil" but for now, Ginger4Lyf, yo!
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