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Deborah Ann Woll is a hot potato in her new spread

05.25.2016by: Droz

Deborah Ann Woll has a spread in oddly named magazine The New Potato this month. Hardly the sort of thing you want to name a magazine wherein creatures like Deborah look this ravishing. This spread typifies something I've come to understand about Deb, namely how she needs the right kind of lighting to bring out her true beauty. That doesn't sound flattering, but it's not meant as a knock. She's gorgeous, obviously. But when you get her in the right light, she goes from gorgeous to angelic. Just look at those last 3 pics in the gallery. It's the one thing I will say in True Blood's defense - they really knew how to give Deborah the perfect lighting. Unlike Daredevil, which is always putting her in all those dim and moody Hell's Kitchen shadows. It sucks for us Deborah fans, but at least we have pics like these which light her up the way she's supposed to be.

Source: NSFW


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