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Day 856 of Baywatch pics puts us oh so close to Alexandra Daddario's holy of holies

03.24.2016by: Droz

We've been waiting for a nice, focused, close up shot of Alexandra Daddario in her red swimsuit on the BAYWATCH set. Well, today is the day and it's pretty much everything we could have expected, short of some sort of catastrophic wardrobe malfunction causing her perfect breasts to go exploding out of some shredded Lycra. Although once the thrill of seeing Alexandra's naughty bits mere fractions of an inch away from daylight passes, one is presented with the absurdity of this getup. For one thing, the idea here is that Alex is playing a lifeguard - someone tasked with running out into potentially rough seas to rescue drowning people. It makes the concept a huge zipper running down the front of her suit a little impractical. Besides the obvious rust issues, it's likely some combination of a struggling victim and the force of a strong wave is gonna cause that zipper to slide right open. Which is just fine by me. Maybe that's the whole gist of having it there. It's a form over function situation I think we can all get behind. We're all such fans of Alexandra's form.

Source: GotCeleb


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