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Day 2 of the Iskra Lawrence swimsuit show brings ample sun burned booty

11.03.2016by: Droz

Looks like Iskra Lawrence just can't stop soaking up that warm Southern California sun. She may have over done it though, based on that sunburn encroaching on her perfectly shaped ass, here on day 2 of her SoCal beach photo shoot. Those poor Brits. The idea of ample sun beating down on their pale skin must be an almost alien concept. I'm sure more than a few had a sunburn become their indoctrination into life amidst temperate climates. Iskra should be more careful. Such a perfect ass deserves much more diligence. Although the tan line situation she's got going on there might be one of the sexiest things about these new pics. Which is saying a lot, as this girl looks as good in a bikini as anyone I can think of. I'd give anything to be her wardrobe assistant, helping her change from one bikini to another. The inside of that tent is seeing some wonderful things.

Source: GCeleb


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