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Daphne Joy's bulbous bits packed into spandex

05.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

I would hate to be Daphne Joy's fitness trainer. The innumerable amount of times I would get caught eyeballing that ass or losing my ability to form full sentences when in close proximity to those massive tits, packed ever so tightly into the sports bra, would result in, at the very least, being bitch slapped. Not to mention I would have to spend the entire session sitting down lest the unsightly tent creates an atmosphere of awkwardness. How long after she tires of me bottling up her sweat and stealing loads of her used towels will a restraining order be placed? Although, she would get one hell of a workout from beating my indiscreet ass; a beating I would gladly take just for the possibility of that awesome backside brushing up against some part of me. Come to think of it – it sounds like a fun job.

Source: egotastic


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