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Daphne Joy's big booty in a tiny bikini

05.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

Rarely do you come across an ass like Daphne Joy's. Usually when a booty is that big, it's accompanied by a bigger stomach, some sagging below the crease or even cellulite. But besides packing in some extra pounds back there (impressively contained to that area), the rest of her body remains tight as hell. I love the way her obliques indent inwards before the pelvis begins it's outward curve ... just awesome. Rarer still is seeing these kinds of curvatures on a Filipino babe. I think allocating some government resources into what the secret sauces is to re-creating anatomical anomalies like that gargantuan work of art would be tax dollars well spent. I'm sure she can use the money to keep funding the endless summer she's on. The ass may be rare, but her parading it up and down the beaches of Miami isn't. 

Source: Daily Mail


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