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Danielle Seitz wets her top down for Next Door Model shoot

03.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

If you're trying to figure out where you've seen Danielle Seitz before, most likely, it was from her Sports Illustrated casting feature (2015). I can only assume because it's where I first noticed her, and I've been keeping an eye out ever since. Or you can turn your thinking cap off for a moment and derive some of the pleasures a mysterious fresh face offers. You don't need strong powers of observation to deduce [that] this beautiful woman is an up-and-coming model, with big dreams of becoming one of the greats. (Every young prospect wants to be great; they never think to themselves: I want just enough recognition to bring in a steady paycheck.) The 26-year-old hopeful is perfectly suited to ply her trade for a magazine like Nextdoormodel Magazine, as she possesses all the characteristics of your quintessential "girl next door," who also happens to be a model. If this is your first rendezvous with Danielle Seitz, you're in for a real treat. As you'll soon find, this is the kind of girl next door who will flash you a generous look at her tits when she catches you peeping through the window.

Source: Nextdoormodel


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