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Danielle Herrington is a rookie superheroine in her first Sports Illustrated

02.17.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Danielle Herrington is literally straight out of Compton and she's here to rescue us all. One of my favorite pics from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition rookie's Instagram account features the super-fit SoCal babe as Wonder Woman from this past Halloween.

While I'm still unclear on just how old she is, Danielle does refer to getting picked up in her "early 20s" and being told that she was going to be living in New York, with the end result being that 6 months later she was a swimsuit model. With Sports Illustrated having been doing these Swimsuit Editions since 1964, it's a bit sad that it took until 1996 to see a black model on the cover (Tyra Banks, who posed with Valeria Mazza and then by herself the following year) and other than Beyonce in 2007, we haven't seen but the two grace the cover, I have high hopes that that will eventually change. Between Danielle and Rose Bertram (granted, who is only a 1/4 Senegalese), they definitely have a few new faces who are rockstar enough to pull off that coveted cover spot. (Now, if we can only make sure that Herrington gets away from the Agent Orange Modeling Agency safely.)

Source: SI.Com


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