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Danielle Campbell makes grocery shopping sexy

01.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

These aren't the kind of images that come to mind when you think of woman at the grocery store. Normally, it' older women corralling their herd of kids, wearing the same clothes they wear while cleaning the house. Not the case when Danielle Campbell is concerned. She dressed like a teenage girl would after she left her house in a jacket too better conceal her sexy midriff from parental authority. I've had eyes on this CW starlet for some time. She never ventures into the wide world without ramping up the sexy, and is another hottie that feels (at least to me) underrated. I can't recall the last professional photo spread of hers I've seen; it's usually candids of her and that godddamn cell phone. Why? If she looks this hot loading her trunk; image if some pro has her bending over wearing nothing but panties and arm bra.

Source: Got Celeb


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